Start your day with an early swim to a secluded beach when no one is there, enjoy a perfect brunch with a view or by the sea and continue your day with anything that makes you happy. Choose between 23 different beautiful beaches and enjoy your day while we take care of everything else! Whether it is a small unknown beach with crystal clear waters or one of Mykonos cosmopolitan beach bars or even a short private boat trip away from the commotion to the near islands of Rineia we have you covered offering suggestions and a wide range of options to chose the one that best suits your style and mood! You just make sure you have your sunglasses handy and we’re off to an amazing day around Mykonos!



The infamous Mediterranean cuisine is one thing everyone is talking about and you need to experience! Vegetarian, Vegan or regular eaters can always find specks of heaven when in Mykonos and into the hands of some of the island’s creative culinary teams! Fresh fish served as sashimi or grilled with a touch of olive oil is a perfect idea for a light lunch and we know just the places to take you! If you fancy meat, then how about juicy lamb chops at an underground “tavern” - Greece’s staple eateries - when it comes to the countryside! Of course, if you are vegan or simply don’t feel like having fish or meat, we’ve saved the best for last and can suggest the islands newest entries that offer tasty and healthy meals made with the purest ingredients found in the Med!

Become a Mykonos Legend