Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients!

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Premium Services in order to be comfort on your vacation
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Satisfied & Happy Clients
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Exclusive Destinations & Suggestions for every mood!


Our philosophy was born through the constant pursuit of top level services in the hospitality and tourist industry at a global destination such as Mykonos! Starting out as a company offering luxury transportation for VIP guests we found ourselves arranging and facilitating their demanding schedules and offering tips and solutions for their better enjoyment and quality time while visiting the island. Today we offer full 24 hour scheduling and execution of our valued guests’ vacation plans offering a great variety of services and alternatives tailor made to their needs.

Our objective is to facillitate any request promptly and efficiently to suit the needs of our guests, and handle personal affairs with outmost discretion. Legends of Mykonos consists of a dedicated team of young aspiring individuals ready to offer their service to luxurious requests and attend valued guests to the very detail.


Where to eat, what to do, who’s party to attend or where to throw your own party as well as anything you might have planned – from yacht bookings and helicopter transfers to the simplest late-night fast food joint which serves up the best souvlaki on the island – is always best enjoyed when someone handles everything for you! Small details are key when it comes to planning your perfect vacation, especially if you have limited time to spend and so many things to do in a destination such as Mykonos, you have to become a legend or at least act like one!

That was when my vision became clear! There needs to be an evolution in the classic concierge services, one which will offer top line services and inside knowledge of a global destination such as Mykonos to guests who wish to feel comfortable, confident and safe when they choose to book a villa, or simply enjoy a seaside lunch, without ever doubting their choice and always enjoying the maximum Mykonos has to offer.

This island is not just another passport stamp, Mykonos is one’s life experience, whether they come back or visit for the first time!

This idea is finally ready to be launched in 2019, after 3 years of accommodating fine guests from all over the globe who in consequence suggested me and my services personally to their fine friends and guests who wanted to enjoy a good time worry-free and with all things planned by a local insider!

Become a Mykonos Legend